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61 To victory on organs, to David himself. God, hear thou my beseeching; give thou attention to my prayer. (To victory, on instruments, the psalm, or the song, of David. God, hear thou my plea; give thou attention to my prayer.)

From the ends of the land I cried to thee; the while mine heart was anguished, thou enhancedest me in a stone (and while my heart was anguished, thou liftedest me up on a rock). Thou leddest me forth,

for thou art made mine hope; a tower of strength from the face of the enemy. (for thou art made my hope; a tower of strength before my enemies.)

I shall dwell in thy tabernacle into worlds; I shall be covered in the covering of thy wings. (I shall live in thy Tent forever/I shall live in thy dwelling place forever; I shall be covered with the covering of thy wings.)

For thou, my God, hast heard my prayer; thou hast given heritage to them that dread thy name (thou hast given me the inheritance of those who fear thy name/of those who revere thy name).

Thou shalt add, either increase, days on[to] the days of the king; his years till into the day of generation and of generation. (Thou shalt add days onto the days of the king; yea, year upon year for many generations.)

He dwelleth [into] without end in the sight of God; who shall seek the mercy and truth of him? (He shall live before God forever; may thy love, and thy faithfulness, preserve, and protect him.)

So I shall say psalm to thy name into the world of world; that I yield my vows from day into day. (And I shall sing songs, or praises, to thy name forever and ever; as I offer my vows each day.)