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Psalm 52

For the worship leader. A contemplative song[a] of David when the Edomite Doeg told Saul that David had received help from Ahimelech.

Psalm 52 recalls the callous way Doeg and Saul put to death the 85 priests of Nob (1 Samuel 22:6–19). The psalm ends with a memorable image: the one who keeps faith with God is like a lush olive tree cared for in His garden. While those who do not trust in Him are snatched up and torn away, those who do right will flourish under His care.

Why do you boast of all the trouble you stir up, O mighty one,
    when the constant, unfailing love of God is what truly lasts?
Have you listened to yourself?
    Your tongue is like a sharp razor,
    full of lies that slash and tear right to the soul.
You’ve fallen in love with evil and have no interest in what He calls good.
    You prefer your own lies to speaking what is true.


You love words that destroy people, don’t you,
    lying tongue?

You won’t be smiling
    when the True God brings His justice and destroys you forever.
    He will come into your home, snatch you away,
    and pull you from the land of the living.


Those who are just will see what happens to you and be afraid.
    And some of them will laugh and say,
“Hey, look! Over there is the one who didn’t take
    shelter in the True God;
Instead, he trusted in his great wealth
    and got what he wanted by destroying others!”

But my life is abundant—like a lush olive tree
    cared for at the house of the one True God.
I put my trust in His kind love
    forever and ever; it will never fail.
Because of all You have done,
    I will humble myself and thank You forever.
With Your faithful people at my side,
    I will put my hope in Your good reputation.


  1. 52:title Hebrew, maskil
  2. 52:3 Literally, selah, likely a musical direction from a Hebrew root meaning “to lift up”

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