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52 Written by David to protest against his enemy Doeg (1 Samuel 22), who later slaughtered eighty-five priests and their families.

You call yourself a hero, do you? You boast about this evil deed of yours against God’s people. You are sharp as a tack in plotting your evil tricks. How you love wickedness—far more than good! And lying more than truth! You love to slander—you love to say anything that will do harm, O man with the lying tongue.

But God will strike you down, pull you from your home, and drag you away from the land of the living. The followers of God will see it happen. They will watch in awe. Then they will laugh and say, “See what happens to those who despise God and trust in their wealth, and become ever more bold in their wickedness.”[a]

But I am like a sheltered olive tree protected by the Lord himself. I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever. O Lord, I will praise you forever and ever for your punishment.[b] And I will wait for your mercies—for everyone knows what a merciful God you are.


  1. Psalm 52:7 become ever more bold in their wickedness, literally, “strengthened himself in his wickedness.”
  2. Psalm 52:9 for your punishment, literally, “because you have done it.”

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