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God Is King over All the Earth

For the music director. Of the sons of Korah. A psalm.[a]

47 All you peoples, clap your hands.[b]
Shout to God with a voice of rejoicing.
For Yahweh Most High is awesome,[c]
a great king over all the earth.
He subdues peoples under us
and nations under our feet.
He chooses for us our inheritance,
the pride of Jacob whom he loves.
God has gone up with a shout,
Yahweh with the sound of a trumpet.
Sing praises to God, sing praises.
Sing praises to our king, sing praises.
For God is king of all the earth.
Sing praises with understanding.[d]
God reigns over nations;
God sits on his holy throne.
The princes of the peoples are gathered together
with the people of Abraham’s God.
For the shields of the earth belong to God.
He is very exalted.


  1. Psalm 47:1 The Hebrew Bible counts the superscription as the first verse of the psalm; the English verse number is reduced by one
  2. Psalm 47:1 Hebrew “hand”
  3. Psalm 47:2 Or “to be feared”
  4. Psalm 47:7 Or “sing a maskil”