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Psalm 45

For the worship leader. A contemplative song[a] of the sons of Korah to the tune “The Lilies.”[b] A love song.

My heart is bursting with a new song;
    lyrics to my king erupt like a spring
    for my king, to my king;
    my tongue is the pen of a poet, ready and willing.

Better by far are you than all others, my king;
    gracious words flow from your lips;
    indeed, God has blessed you forever.

Psalm 45 describes the beauty, power, and influence of God’s anointed king and may have been composed in honor of a royal wedding.

Whether we realize it or not, the overall well-being of a nation is tied directly to its leaders. When the leaders are just and make good decisions, then the welfare of a nation is secure. But when leaders are unjust and make poor decisions, and they pursue personal agendas rather than the public good, then nations suffer. This is why Scripture instructs those of faith to pray for all people everywhere, especially that those in authority would lead the world to dignity and peace (1 Timothy 2:1-3).

Psalm 45 celebrates that rare breed, a godly king who pursues truth and justice. It anticipates a joyful union and future children who will one day follow in the steps of their father. May the world witness a new breed of leader, fashioned in the image of this psalm.

With your sword at your side,
    you are glorious, majestic,
    a mighty warrior.

Ride on in splendor; ride into battle victorious,
    for the sake of truth, humility, and justice.
    Perform awesome acts, trained by your powerful right hand.
Razor-sharp arrows leap from your bow
    to pierce the heart of the king’s foes;
    they lie, defeated, before you.

O God, Your throne is eternal;
    You will rule your kingdom with a scepter of justice.
    You have loved what is right and hated what is evil.

That is why God, your God, has anointed you
    with the oil of gladness and lifted you above your companions.[c]
All of your clothing is drenched in the rich scent of myrrh, aloes, and cassia;
    In palaces decked out with ivory, beautiful stringed instruments play for your pleasure.
At a royal wedding with the daughters of kings among the guests of honor,
    your bride-queen stands at your right, adorned in gold from Ophir.

10 Hear this, daughter; pay close attention to what I am about to say:
    you must forget your people and even your father’s house.
11 Because the king yearns for your beauty,
    humble yourself before him, for he is now your lord.
12 The daughter of Tyre arrives with a gift;
    the wealthy will bow and plead for your favor.
13 A stunning bride, the king’s daughter waits within;
    her clothing is skillfully woven with gold.
14 She, in her richly embroidered gown, is carried to the king,
    her virgin companions following close behind.

15 They walk in a spirit of celebration and gratefulness.
    In delight, they enter the palace of the king.

16 O king, in this place where your ancestors reigned, you will have sons;
    you will make them princes throughout all the land.
17 I will make sure your name is remembered by all future generations
    so that the people will offer you thanks and praise now and forever.


  1. 45:title Hebrew, maskil
  2. 45:title Hebrew, shoshannim, white lily-like flowers, perhaps the melody to which the song is sung
  3. 45:6–7 Hebrews 1:8–9

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