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41 For victory, the song of David. Blessed is he that understandeth of the needy man and poor; the Lord shall deliver him in the evil day. (To victory, the psalm of David. Happy is he who hath concern for the poor and the needy; the Lord shall save him on the evil day/the Lord shall rescue him in his time of trouble.)

The Lord keep him, and quicken him, and make him blessful in the land; and betake not him into the will of his enemies. (The Lord shall keep him safe, and alive, and make him happy in the land; and he shall not deliver him unto the power, or the will, of his enemies.)

The Lord (shall) bear help to him on the bed of his sorrow; thou hast oft turned all his bedstraw in his sickness.

I said, Lord, have thou mercy on me; heal thou my soul, for I have sinned against thee.

Mine enemies said evils to me; When shall he die, and his name shall perish?

And if he entered for to see (me), he spake vain things (to me); his heart gathered wickedness to himself. He went withoutforth; and spake to the same thing/and spake to the same end. (And when he entered to see me, he spoke to me of empty, or useless, things; and his heart gathered wickedness unto itself. And then he went withoutforth; and spoke the same thing everywhere he went.)

All mine enemies backbited privily against me; against me they thought evils to me. (All my enemies secretly backbite me; they think up evil things to do to me.)

They ordained an evil word against me; Whether he that sleepeth, shall not lie to, that he rise again? (They ordained an evil word against me; and they said, He who sleepeth, now that he lieth down, shall not rise up again.)

For why the man of my peace, in whom I hoped, he that ate my loaves; made great deceit on me. (For my friend, in whom I trusted, he who ate my bread; brought forth great deceptions, or lies, against me.)

10 But thou, Lord, have mercy on me, and raise me (up) again; and I shall yield to them (and I shall repay them).

11 In this thing I knew, that thou wouldest me; for mine enemy shall not have joy on me. (And by this I shall know that thou delightest in me; and that my enemy shall not have any joy over me.)

12 Forsooth thou hast taken me up for (mine) innocence; and hast confirmed me in thy sight [into] without end. (For thou hast upheld me because of my innocence; and will keep me before thee forever.)

13 Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, from the world, and into the world (Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, forever and ever); be it done, be it done.