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Psalm 36

For the worship leader. A song of David, the Eternal’s servant.

Sin speaks in the depths of the soul
    of those who oppose God; they listen closely to its urgings.
You’ll never see the fear of God
    in their eyes,
For they flatter themselves—
    convinced their sin will remain secret, undiscovered, and so unhated.
They speak words of evil and deceit.
    Wisdom and goodness, they deserted long ago.
Even as they sleep, they are plotting mischief.
    They journey along a path far from anything good,
    gravitating to trouble, welcoming evil.

Your love, O Eternal One, towers high into the heavens.
    Even the skies are lower than Your faithfulness.
Your justice is like the majestic mountains.
    Your judgments are as deep as the oceans, and yet in Your greatness,
    You, O Eternal, offer life for every person and animal.

Your strong love, O True God, is precious.
    All people run for shelter under the shadow of Your wings.
In Your house, they eat and are full at Your table.
    They drink from the river of Your overflowing kindness.
You have the fountain of life that quenches our thirst.
    Your light has opened our eyes and awakened our souls.

10 May Your love continue to grow deeply in the lives of all who know You.
    May Your salvation reach every heart committed to do right.
11 Give me shelter from prideful feet that hunt me down
    and wicked hands that push me from Your path.
12 It is there, far away from You, that the wicked will be forced down,
    face to the earth, never again returning to their feet.

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