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Psalm 34

A song of David as he pretended to be insane to escape from Abimelech.

While there is nothing specific to tie this Davidic psalm to the events in 1 Samuel 21:10–15, the superscription recalls a time when David pretended to be insane to protect himself from the Philistines.

I will praise the Eternal in every moment through every situation.
    Whenever I speak, my words will always praise Him.
Everything within me wants to pay tribute to Him.
    Whenever the poor and humble hear of His greatness, they will celebrate too!
Come and lift up the Eternal with me;
    let’s praise His name together!

When I needed the Lord, I looked for Him;
    I called out to Him, and He heard me and responded.
He came and rescued me from everything that made me so afraid.
Look to Him and shine,
    so shame will never contort your faces.
This poor soul cried, and the Eternal heard me.
    He rescued me from my troubles.
The messenger of the Eternal God surrounds
    everyone who walks with Him and is always there to protect and rescue us.
Taste of His goodness; see how wonderful the Eternal truly is.
    Anyone who puts trust in Him will be blessed and comforted.
Revere the Eternal, you His saints,
    for those who worship Him will possess everything important in life.
10 Young lions may grow tired and hungry,
    but those intent on knowing the Eternal God will have everything they need.

11 Gather around, children, listen to what I’m saying;
    I will teach you how to revere the Eternal.
12 If you love life
    and want to live a good, long time,
13 Take care with the things you say.
    Don’t lie or spread gossip or talk about improper things.
14 Walk away from the evil things of the world,
    and always seek peace and pursue it.

15 For the Eternal watches over the righteous,
    and His ears are attuned to their prayers. He is always listening.
16 But He will punish evildoers,
    and nothing they do will last. They will soon be forgotten.
17 When the upright need help and cry to the Eternal, He hears their cries
    and rescues them from all of their troubles.
18 When someone is hurting or brokenhearted, the Eternal moves in close
    and revives him in his pain.

19 Hard times may well be the plight of the righteous—
    they may often seem overwhelmed
    but the Eternal rescues the righteous from what oppresses them.
20 He will protect all of their bones;
    not even one bone will be broken.
21 Evil moves in and ultimately murders the wicked;
    the enemies of the righteous will be condemned.
22 The Eternal will liberate His servants;
    those who seek refuge in Him will never be condemned.

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