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Psalm 30

A song of David. For the dedication of the temple.

I praise You, Eternal One. You lifted me out of that deep, dark pit
    and denied my opponents the pleasure of rubbing in their success.
Eternal One, my True God, I cried out to You for help;
    You mended the shattered pieces of my life.
You lifted me from the grave with a mighty hand,
    gave me another chance,
    and saved me from joining those in that dreadful pit.

Sing, all you who remain faithful!
    Pour out your hearts to the Eternal with praise and melodies;
    let grateful music fill the air and bless His name.
His wrath, you see, is fleeting,
    but His grace lasts a lifetime.
The deepest pains may linger through the night,
    but joy greets the soul with the smile of morning.

When things were quiet and life was easy, I said in arrogance,
    “Nothing can shake me.”
By Your grace, Eternal,
    I thought I was as strong as a mountain;
But when You left my side and hid away,
    I crumbled in fear.

O Eternal One, I called out to You;
    I pleaded for Your compassion and forgiveness:
I’m no good to You dead! What benefits come from my rotting corpse?
    My body in the grave will not praise You.
No songs will rise up from the dust of my bones.
    From dust comes no proclamation of Your faithfulness.
10 Hear me, Eternal Lord—please help me,
    Eternal One—be merciful!”

11 You did it: You turned my deepest pains into joyful dancing;
    You stripped off my dark clothing
    and covered me with joyful light.
12 You have restored my honor. My heart is ready to explode, erupt in new songs!
    It’s impossible to keep quiet!
    Eternal One, my God, my Life-Giver, I will thank You forever.

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