Morning Prayer of Trust in God.

A Psalm of David, when [a]he fled from Absalom his son.

O Lord, how (A)my adversaries have increased!
Many are rising up against me.
Many are saying [b]of my soul,
“There is no [c](B)deliverance for him in God.” [d]Selah.

But You, O Lord, are (C)a shield about me,
My (D)glory, and the One who (E)lifts my head.
I was crying to the Lord with my voice,
And He (F)answered me from (G)His holy [e]mountain. Selah.
[f]I (H)lay down and slept;
I awoke, for the Lord sustains me.
I will (I)not be afraid of ten thousands of people
Who have (J)set themselves against me round about.

(K)Arise, O Lord; (L)save me, O my God!
For You [g]have (M)smitten all my enemies on the [h]cheek;
You [i]have (N)shattered the teeth of the wicked.
[j](O)Salvation belongs to the Lord;
Your (P)blessing [k]be upon Your people! Selah.


  1. Psalm 3:1 2 Sam 15:13-17, 29
  2. Psalm 3:2 Or to
  3. Psalm 3:2 Or salvation
  4. Psalm 3:2 Selah may mean: Pause, Crescendo or Musical interlude
  5. Psalm 3:4 Or hill
  6. Psalm 3:5 Or As for me, I
  7. Psalm 3:7 Or smite
  8. Psalm 3:7 Or jaw
  9. Psalm 3:7 Or shatter
  10. Psalm 3:8 Or Deliverance
  11. Psalm 3:8 Or is