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Psalm 29

A song of David.

Give all credit to the Eternal, O heavenly creatures;
    give praise to Him for His glory and power.
Give to the Eternal the glory due His name;
    worship Him with lavish displays of sacred splendor.

The voice of the Eternal echoes over the great waters;
    God’s magnificence roars like thunder.
    The Eternal’s presence hovers over all the waters.
His voice explodes in great power over the earth.
    His voice is both regal and grand.

The Eternal’s voice shatters the cedars;
    His power splinters the great cedars of Lebanon.
He speaks, and Lebanon leaps like a young calf;
    Sirion jumps like a wild, youthful ox.

The voice of the Eternal cuts through with flames of fire.
The voice of the Eternal rumbles through the wilderness
    with great quakes;
    He causes Kadesh to tremble.

The Eternal’s voice brings life from the doe’s womb;
    His voice strips the forest bare,
    and all the people in the temple declare, “Glory!”

10 The Eternal is enthroned over the great flood;
    His reign is unending.
11 We ask You, Eternal One, to give strength to Your people;
    Eternal One, bless them with the gift of peace.

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