28 1 Being in great fear and heaviness of heart to see God dishonored by the wicked, he desireth to be rid of them. 4 And crieth for vengeance against them: and at length assureth himself, that God hath heard his prayer, 9 Unto whose tuition he commendeth all the faithful.

A Psalm of David.

Unto thee, O Lord, do I cry: O my strength, be not deaf toward me, lest if thou answer me not, I be like [a]them that go down into the pit.

Hear the voice of my petitions, when I cry unto thee, when I hold up my hands toward thine [b]holy Oracle.

[c]Draw me not away with the wicked, and with the workers of iniquity: which speak friendly to their neighbors, when malice is in their hearts.

[d]Reward them according to their deeds, and according to the wickedness of their inventions: recompense them after the work of their hands: render them their reward.

For they reward not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands: therefore [e]break them down, and build them not up.

[f]Praised be the Lord, for he hath heard the voice of my petitions.

The Lord is my strength and my shield: mine heart trusted in him, and I was helped: therefore mine heart shall rejoice, and with my song will I praise him.

The Lord is [g]their strength, and he is the strength of the deliverances of his anointed.

Save thy people, and bless thine inheritance: feed them also, and exalt them forever.


  1. Psalm 28:1 He counteth himself as a dead man, till God show his favor toward him, and grant him his petition.
  2. Psalm 28:2 He used this outward means to help the weakness of his faith: for in that place was the Ark, and there God promised to show the tokens of his favor.
  3. Psalm 28:3 Destroy not the good with the bad.
  4. Psalm 28:4 He thus prayeth in respect to God’s glory and not for his own cause, being assured that God would punish the persecutors of his Church.
  5. Psalm 28:5 Let them be utterly destroyed, as Mal. 1:4.
  6. Psalm 28:6 Because he felt the assurance of God’s help in his heart, his mouth was opened to sing his praises.
  7. Psalm 28:8 Meaning, his soldiers, who were as means, by whom God declared his power.