Description of a Citizen of Zion.

A Psalm of David.

15 Lord, who may reside (A)in Your tent?
Who may settle on Your (B)holy hill?
One who (C)walks with integrity, practices righteousness,
And (D)speaks truth in his heart.
He (E)does not slander [a]with his tongue,
Nor (F)do evil to his neighbor,
Nor (G)bring shame on his friend;
A despicable person is despised in his eyes,
But he (H)honors those who fear the Lord;
He (I)takes an oath to his own detriment, and does not change;
He (J)does not [b]lend his money [c]at interest,
Nor (K)does he take a bribe against the innocent.
(L)One who does these things will never be shaken.


  1. Psalm 15:3 Lit according to
  2. Psalm 15:5 Lit give
  3. Psalm 15:5 I.e., to a fellow Israelite

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