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Psalm 147

Praise the Eternal!
It is good to sing praises to our God,
    for praise is beautiful and pleasant.
The Eternal, Architect of earth, is building Jerusalem,
    finding the lost, gathering Israel’s outcasts.
He binds their wounds,
    heals the sorrows of their hearts.
He counts all the stars within His hands,
    carefully fixing their number
    and giving them names.
Our Lord is great. Nothing is impossible with His overwhelming power.
    He is loving, compassionate, and wise beyond all measure.
The Eternal will lift up the lowly
    but throw down the wicked to the earth.

Psalm 147 is a postexilic hymn of praise to God as Creator and Sustainer. It celebrates the rebuilding of the walls and gates that protect Jerusalem. God secures the city, grants peace to the border towns, and controls the elements.

Open your mouths with thanks!
    Sing praises to the Eternal!
    Strum the harp in unending praise to our God
Who blankets the heavens with clouds,
    sends rain to water the thirsty earth,
    and pulls up each blade of grass upon the mountainside.
He opens His hands to feed all the animals
    and scatters seed to nestlings when they cry.
10 He takes no pleasure in the raw strength of horses;
    He finds no joy in the speed of the sprinter.
11 But the Eternal does take pleasure in those who worship Him,
    those who invest hope in His unfailing love.

12 O Jerusalem, praise the Eternal!
    O Zion, praise your God!
13 For His divine power reinforces your city gates,
    blesses your children in the womb.
14 He establishes peace within your borders,
    fills your markets with hearty golden wheat.
15 His command ripples across the earth;
    His word runs out on swift feet.
16 He blankets the earth in wooly snow,
    scattering frost like ashes over the land.
17 He throws down hail like stones falling from a mountain.
    Can any withstand His wintry blast?
18 But He dispatches His word, and the thaw begins;
    at His command, the spring winds blow, gently stirring the waters back to life.
19 He brings Jacob in on His plan, declaring His word—
    His statutes and His teachings to Israel.
20 He has not treated any other nation in such a way;
    they live unaware of His commands.
Praise the Eternal!

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