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Psalm 140

For the worship leader. A song of David.

Save me, O Eternal One, from the evil men who seek my life.
    Shield me from this band of violent men.
Their hearts devise evil! They conspire against me;
    they are constantly causing a storm of war.
These snakes have sharpened their tongues;
    viper venom hides beneath their lips.[a]


Keep me from the grip of these cruel men, O Eternal One.
    Shield me from this band of violent men
    whose only intention is to trip me up and undermine all I do.
Those arrogant people are trying to catch me;
    they’ve laid their trap, hiding a net along my path;
    their traps are set, and I am the prey.


“Eternal One,” I said, “You are my one and only God.
    Hear me, O Eternal, hear my humble cry for rescue.
O Lord, Eternal One, power of my deliverance,
    You are my helmet in the day of battle.
So do not fulfill the desires of these evildoers, Eternal One;
    do not advance their evil schemes, lest they brag about their successes.


“As for the gang leader of those who surround me,
    let their mischievous words cover them; smother them in trouble.
10 Let hot coals fall from heaven upon them
    and cast them into the roaring fires.
    May they sink into the muddy marsh from which there is no return.
11 Let no liar find a home anywhere in the land;
    let evil hunt down the violent man and do him in quickly.”

12 I am certain the Eternal supports the cause of the distressed;
    the poor will receive the justice they deserve.
13 Indeed, the just-living will glorify Your name,
    and honorable people will be at home in Your presence.


  1. 140:3 Romans 3:13
  2. 140:3 Literally, selah, likely a musical direction from a Hebrew root meaning “to lift up”

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