131 1 David charged with ambition and greedy desire to reign, protesteth his humility and modesty before God, and teacheth all men what they should do.

A song of degrees, or Psalm of David.

Lord, [a]mine heart is not haughty, neither are mine eyes lofty, neither have I walked in great [b]matters and hid from me.

Surely I have behaved myself, like one weaned from his mother, and kept silence: I am in myself as one that is [c]weaned.

Let Israel wait on the Lord from henceforth and forever.


  1. Psalm 131:1 He setteth forth his great humility, as an example to all rulers and governors.
  2. Psalm 131:1 Which pass the measure and limits of his vocation.
  3. Psalm 131:2 He was void of ambition and wicked desires.