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Psalm 128

A song for those journeying to worship.

Those who stand in awe of the Eternal—
    who follow wherever He leads, committed in their hearts—experience His blessings!
God will use your hard work to provide you food.
    You will prosper in your labor, and it will go well for you.

Your wife will be like a healthy vine producing plenty of fruit,
    a spring of life in your home.
Your children will be like young olive shoots;
    you will watch them bud and bloom around your table.
Such are the blessings the Eternal lavishes
    on those who stand in awe of Him!

May the Eternal continue to pour out His love on you,
    showering down blessings from His holy mountain, Zion.
May you see Jerusalem prosper
    all your days.
May you have the privilege of seeing your grandchildren as they grow.
    May peace flourish in Israel!

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