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12 To the victory, on the eighth, the song of David. Lord, make thou me safe, for the holy (man) failed; for truths be made little from the sons of men. (To victory, on the eighth, the psalm of David. Lord, save thou me, for there be no more holy people; the faithful be made few, if any, among the sons and daughters of men.)

They spake vain things, each man to his neighbour; and they having guileful lips, spake in their heart, and with their heart. (They spoke lies, each man to his neighbour; yea, they having deceitful lips, spoke with a double heart.)

The Lord destroy all guileful lips; and the great speaking tongue. (May the Lord destroy all deceitful, or lying, lips; and the tongues that speak so proudly, or so boastfully.)

Which said, We shall magnify (with) our tongue, our lips be of us-selves; who (else) is our lord? (They who say, We shall gain victory with our tongues, for our lips be our own; who else is lord over us?)

For the wretchedness of needy men, and for the wailing of poor men; now I shall rise up, saith the Lord. I shall set (him) in health; I shall do trustily in him. (Because of the wretchedness of the needy, and the wailing of the poor, I shall now rise up, saith the Lord. I shall place them in safety; I shall do trustily for them.)

The speeches of the Lord be chaste speeches; (as) silver assayed by fire, proved from the earth, purged sevenfold. (The speeches of the Lord be chaste speeches; like silver assayed in an earthen furnace, purged seven times.)

Thou, Lord, shalt keep us; and thou shalt keep us from this generation [into] without end. (Thou, Lord, shalt keep us safe; yea, thou shalt keep us safe from this generation forever.)

Wicked men go in compass; by thine highness thou hast multiplied the sons of men. (Even though the wicked be all around; and the vilest people be exalted.)