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Psalm 119:150-152 New English Translation (NET Bible)

150 Those who are eager to do[a] wrong draw near;
they are far from your law.
151 You are near, O Lord,
and all your commands are reliable.[b]
152 I learned long ago that
you ordained your rules to last.[c]


  1. Psalm 119:150 tn Heb “those who pursue.”
  2. Psalm 119:151 tn Or “truth.”
  3. Psalm 119:152 tn Heb “long ago I knew concerning your rules, that forever you established them.” See v. 89 for the same idea. The translation assumes that the preposition מִן (min) prefixed to “your rules” introduces the object of the verb יָדַע (yadaʿ), as in 1 Sam 23:23. Another option is that the preposition indicates source, in which case one might translate, “Long ago I realized from your rules that forever you established them” (cf. NIV, NRSV).
New English Translation (NET)

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