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Psalm 116

I love the Eternal; for not only does He hear
    my voice, my pleas for mercy,
But He leaned down when I was in trouble and brought His ear close to me.
    So as long as I have breath, I will call on Him.
Once I was wound in the wrappings of death;
    the terror of dying and the grave had a grip on me;
    I could not get away, for I was entombed in distress and sorrow.
Then I called on the name of the Eternal:
    “O Eternal One—I am begging You—save me!”

The Eternal is full of grace and naturally just;
    our God is compassionate and merciful.
And the Eternal watches over the naive.
    Whenever I was knocked down, He reached down and saved me.
O my soul! Return and relax. Come to your true rest,
    for the Eternal has showered you with His favor.

God, You alone rescued my soul from the grips of death,
    my eyes from weeping,
    and my feet from slipping.
I will come before the Eternal
    as long as I journey in the land of the living.
10 I believed Your promise; therefore I spoke,
    “I am in deep trouble.”
11 In my confusion I blurted out,
    “All people are liars!”

12 How will I pay back the Eternal
    for all His graciousness toward me?
13 I will raise the cup of deliverance
    and call out the name of the Eternal.
14 I will fulfill the promises I made to Him
    here as a witness to all His people.

15 Precious in the eyes of the Eternal
    are the deaths of those who follow after Him.
16 O Eternal One, You know I am Your servant.
    I am Your servant, a child of Your maidservant, devoted to You;
    You have cut me loose from the chains of death that bind me.
17 And I come, eager to offer a sacrifice of gratitude
    and call on the name of the Eternal.
18 I will fulfill the promises I made to Him
    here as a witness to all His people
19 In the courts of the Eternal’s temple,
    among the people of God’s city, O Jerusalem.
Praise the Eternal!

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