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Psalm 115

Not for us, O Eternal One; this glory is not for us—but for Your name
    because of Your loyal love and truth.
Why should the nations ask,
    “Where is their God now?”

Our God is in heaven
    doing whatever He chooses.
Those nations worship idols of silver and gold,
    crafted by human hands:
They have given their gods mouths, but they cannot speak;
    eyes, but they cannot see.
They have provided their idols with ears, but they cannot hear;
    noses, but they cannot smell.
They have fashioned hands, but the idols cannot reach out and touch;
    feet, but they cannot walk.
    Their idols cannot make a sound in their finely crafted throats.
The people who make idols will become useless like them,
    like all who trust in idols.

O Israel, put your trust in the Eternal.
    He is their helper and defender.
10 O family of Aaron, put your trust in the Eternal.
    He is their helper and defender.
11 All who fear and know the Eternal, put your trust in Him.
    He is their helper and defender.

12 The Eternal has remembered us, and He will bless us.
    He will bless the people of Israel.
    He will bless the priestly family of Aaron.
13 The Eternal will bless those who worship and stand in awe of Him,
    from the least to the greatest.

14 May the Eternal prosper your family,
    growing both you and your descendants.
15 May the blessings of the Eternal,
    maker of heaven and earth, be on you.

16 The heavens above belong to the Eternal,
    and yet earth in all of its beauty has been given to humanity by Him.
17 The dead do not praise the Eternal,
    nor do any who descend into the silent grave.
18 But we will praise and bless You—our Eternal One—
    today and forever.
Praise the Eternal!

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