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114 Alleluia. In the going out of Israel from Egypt; of the house of Jacob from the heathen people. (Alleluia. When Israel went out from Egypt, yea, the house of Jacob from a people with a strange language;)

Judah was made the hallowing of him; Israel the power of him. (Judah was made the Lord’s sanctuary; and Israel was made his dominion.)

The sea saw, and fled; Jordan was turned aback. (The Red Sea, or the Sea of Reeds, saw it, and fled away; the Jordan River turned back, or backed away.)

Mountains full out joyed as rams; and little hills as the lambs of sheep. (The mountains rejoiced like rams; and the little hills like the lambs of sheep.)

Thou sea, what was to thee, for thou fleddest; and thou, Jordan, for thou were turned aback? (O Red Sea/O Sea of Reeds, what happened to thee, that thou fleddest away? and O Jordan, why hast thou turned back?)

Mountains, ye made full out joy as rams; and little hills, as the lambs of sheep. (O mountains, why did ye rejoice like rams? and ye little hills, like the lambs of sheep?)

The earth was moved from the face of the Lord; from the face of God of Jacob. (The earth shaketh at the presence of the Lord; at the presence of the God of Jacob.)

Which turned a stone into a pond of waters; and an hard rock into wells of waters. (Who turned the rock into a pool of water; yea, the hard rock cliff into a flowing spring.)