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Psalm 114

When the time came for Israel to leave Egypt—
    for Jacob’s family to be free of those who spoke another language—
God chose to make Judah His sacred place,
    and Israel became His realm.

And the waters of the sea witnessed God’s actions and ran away;
    the Jordan, too, turned around and ran back to where it came from.
All of the mountains leapt with the strength of mighty rams,
    and all of the hills danced with the joy of little lambs.

Why do you retreat, O sea?
    Why do you roll back your waters, O Jordan?
Why, O mountains, do you leap with the strength of rams?
    Why, O hills, do you dance with joy like little lambs?

Shudder and quake, O you earth, at the sight of the Lord.
    The God of Jacob comes,
Who turns rock into pools of refreshing water
    and flint into fountains of life-giving streams!

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