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God Brought Israel from Egypt

114 When ·the Israelites [Israel] went out of Egypt,
    the ·people [L house] of Jacob left ·that foreign country [L a people of incomprehensible language].
Then Judah became God’s holy place [Ex. 19:6];
    Israel became ·the land he ruled [his dominion].

The Sea [C Red (or Reed) Sea; Ex. 14–15] looked and ·ran away [fled];
    the Jordan River turned back [Josh. 3].
The mountains ·danced [skipped] like ·sheep [rams]
    and the hills like little lambs.
Sea, why did you ·run away [flee]?
    Jordan, why did you turn back?
Mountains, why did you ·dance [skip] like ·sheep [rams]?
    Hills, why did you ·dance [skip] like little lambs?

Earth, ·shake with fear [writhe; tremble] before the Lord,
    before the God of Jacob.
He turned a rock into a pool of water,
    a hard ·rock [flint] into a spring of water [Ex. 17:1–7; Num. 20:1–13].