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113 Alleluia. Servants, praise ye the Lord; praise ye the name of the Lord.

The name of the Lord be blessed; from this time now, and till into the world (and forever).

From the rising of the sun till to the going down (From the rising of the sun until the going down of the same); the name of the Lord is worthy to be praised.

The Lord is high above all folks (The Lord is high above all the nations); and his glory is above (the) heavens.

Who is as our Lord God, that dwelleth in high things; (Who is like the Lord our God, who liveth in high places/who liveth on high;)

and beholdeth meek things in heaven and in earth? (and yet who deigneth himself to look upon the things in the heavens, and the things on earth!)

Raising a needy man from the earth; and enhancing a poor man from drit. (Raising up the needy from the dust; and lifting up the poor out of the dirt.)

That he set him with princes; with the princes of his people. (So that they may sit with princes; yea, with the leaders of the people.)

Which maketh a barren woman dwell in the house; a glad mother of sons. (Who maketh a barren woman, who liveth in her home, into a happy mother of sons.)