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11 To the victory, [the psalm] of David. I trust in the Lord; how say ye to my soul, Pass thou over into the hill, as a sparrow doeth? (To victory, the song of David. I trust in the Lord; how say ye to me, Fly thou over to the mountains, like a sparrow doeth?)

For lo! sinners have bent a bow; they have made ready their arrows in an arrow case; that they shoot in darkness the rightful men in heart. (For lo! the sinners have bent their bows; and they have placed their arrows in their arrow cases; so that they can shoot in the dark those with an upright heart.)

For they have destroyed, whom thou hast made perfect; but what did the rightful man? (For they shall destroy, what thou hast made good; but what can the upright do?)

The Lord is in his holy temple; he is Lord, his seat is in heaven. His eyes behold on the poor man; his eyelids ask the sons of men. (The Lord is in his holy Temple; he is the Lord, his throne is in heaven. He looketh upon the poor; he assayeth the sons and daughters of men.)

The Lord asketh a just man, and an unfaithful man; but he, that loveth wickedness, hateth his soul. (The Lord assayeth the righteous, and the unrighteous alike; and with all his soul, he hateth those who love wickedness.)

He shall rain snares upon sinners; fire, and brimstone, and the spirit of tempests be the part of the cup of them. (He shall rain down snares upon the sinners; fire, and brimstone, and the winds of tempests shall be the portion in their cup.)

For the Lord is just, and loveth rightfulnesses; his cheer hath seen evenness, or equity. (For the Lord is righteous, and loveth righteousness; he looketh upon the upright.)