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101 The psalm of David. Lord, I shall sing to thee; mercy and doom. I shall sing, (The song of David. Lord, I shall sing of love and justice/I shall sing of mercy and judgement. I shall sing unto thee,)

and I shall understand in a way without wem; when thou shalt come to me. I went perfectly in the innocence of mine heart; in the middle of mine house. (and I shall go on the way without blemish, or without fault; but when shalt thou come to me? I shall go about with purity in the midst of my house; yea, in the innocence of my heart.)

I setted not forth before mine eyes an unjust thing; I hated them that made trespassings. (I shall not set any impure thing before my eyes; I hate those who trespass, but I know, that that shall not cleave to me.)

A shrewd heart cleaved not to me; I knew not a wicked man bowing away from me. (I shall turn away from anyone with a depraved heart; and I shall not have any dealings with the wicked.)

I pursued him that backbited privily his neighbour. With the proud eye and an heart unable to be filled; I ate not with this. (I shall silence anyone who privately, or secretly, backbiteth his neighbour. And I shall not eat with anyone who hath a proud eye, and a heart unable to be filled, or ever satisfied.)

Mine eyes were to the faithful men of earth, that they sit with me; he that went in a way without wem, ministered to me. (But I look favourably upon those who be faithful, or loyal, and they shall sit with me; and he who goeth on the way without blemish, or without fault, shall serve me/shall be my servant.)

He that doeth pride, shall not dwell in the middle of mine house; he that speaketh wicked things, served not in the sight of mine eyes. (He who hath pride, shall not live in the midst of my house; he who speaketh wicked things, shall not serve me/shall not be my servant.)

In the morrowtide I killed all the sinners of earth; that I should lose from the city of the Lord all men working wickedness. (In the morning/Morning after morning, I shall kill all the sinners of the land; yea, I shall destroy all who do wickedness in the city of the Lord.)