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He will shelter you[a] with his wings;[b]
you will find safety under his wings.
His faithfulness is like a shield or a protective wall.[c]

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  1. Psalm 91:4 tn Heb “put a cover over you” (see Ps 5:11).
  2. Psalm 91:4 tc The Hebrew text has the singular, but the plural should be read. The final י (yod) of the suffix, which indicates the plural, has dropped off by haplography (note the yod at the beginning of the next word).
  3. Psalm 91:4 tn Traditionally the Hebrew term סֹחֵרָה (sokherah), which occurs only here in the OT, has been understood to refer to a buckler or small shield (see BDB 695 s.v.). But HALOT 750 s.v., on the basis of evidence from the cognate languages, proposes the meaning “wall.”