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16 The Lord revealed himself;
he accomplished justice.
The wicked were ensnared by their own actions.[a] (Higgaion.[b] Selah)

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  1. Psalm 9:16 tn Heb “by the work of his hands [the] wicked [one] was ensnared.” The singular form רָשָׁע (rashaʿ, “wicked”) is collective or representative here (see vv. 15, 17). The form נוֹקֵשׁ (noqesh) appears to be an otherwise unattested Qal form (active participle) from נָקַשׁ (naqash), but the form should be emended to נוֹקַשׁ (noqash), a Niphal perfect from יָקַשׁ (yaqash).
  2. Psalm 9:16 tn This is probably a technical musical term.