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22 Yet because of you[a] we are killed all day long;
we are treated like[b] sheep at the slaughtering block.[c]

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  1. Psalm 44:22 tn The statement “because of you” (1) may simply indicate that God is the cause of the Israelites’ defeat (see vv. 9-14, where the nation’s situation is attributed directly to God’s activity, and cf. NEB, NRSV), or (2) it may suggest they suffer because of their allegiance to God (see Ps 69:7 and Jer 15:15). In this case one should translate, “for your sake” (cf. NASB, NIV). The citation of this verse in Rom 8:36 follows the LXX (Ps 43:23 LXX), where the Greek term ἕνεκεν (heneken; LXX ἕνεκα) may likewise mean “because of” or “for the sake of” (BDAG 334 s.v. ἕνεκα 1).
  2. Psalm 44:22 tn Or “regarded as.”
  3. Psalm 44:22 tn Heb “like sheep of slaughtering,” that is, sheep destined for slaughter.

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