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    (A) and say, “Trust the Lord!
If you are his favorite,
let him protect you
    and keep you safe.”

You, Lord, brought me
    safely through birth,
and you protected me
when I was a baby
    at my mother's breast.

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17 I can count all my bones,
and my enemies just stare
    and sneer at me.
18 (A) They took my clothes
    and gambled for them.

19 Don't stay far away, Lord!
My strength comes from you,
    so hurry and help.
20 Rescue me from enemy swords
and save me from those dogs.

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23 All who worship the Lord,
    now praise him!
You belong to Jacob's family
and to the people of Israel,
    so fear and honor the Lord!
24 The Lord doesn't hate
or despise the helpless
    in all of their troubles.
When I cried out, he listened
    and did not turn away.

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