An Experience of the Captivity.

137 By the (A)rivers of Babylon,
There we sat down and (B)wept,
When we remembered Zion.
Upon the [a](C)willows in the midst of it
We (D)hung our [b]harps.
For there our captors [c](E)demanded of us [d]songs,
And (F)our tormentors, jubilation, saying,
“Sing for us one of the songs of Zion!”

How can we sing (G)the Lords song
In a foreign land?
If I (H)forget you, Jerusalem,
May my right hand [e]forget its skill.
May my (I)tongue cling to the roof of my mouth
If I do not remember you,
If I do not [f](J)exalt Jerusalem
Above my chief joy.

Remember, Lord, against the sons of (K)Edom
The day of Jerusalem,
Those who said, “Lay it bare, lay it bare
(L)To its foundation!”
Daughter of Babylon, you [g](M)devastated one,
Blessed will be one who (N)repays you
With [h]the retribution with which you have repaid us.
Blessed will be one who seizes and (O)dashes your children
Against the rock.


  1. Psalm 137:2 Or poplars
  2. Psalm 137:2 Lit lyres
  3. Psalm 137:3 Lit asked
  4. Psalm 137:3 Lit words of song
  5. Psalm 137:5 I.e., become useless
  6. Psalm 137:6 Lit cause to ascend
  7. Psalm 137:8 Or devastator
  8. Psalm 137:8 Lit your requital

As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
So (A)the Lord surrounds His people
(B)From this time and forever.

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68 But chose the tribe of Judah,
Mount (A)Zion, which He loved.

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Oh, that (A)the salvation of Israel would come from Zion!
When God restores the fortunes of His people,
Jacob shall rejoice, Israel shall be glad.

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The Beauty and Glory of Zion.

A Song; a Psalm of the sons of Korah.

48 (A)Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised
In the (B)city of our God, His (C)holy mountain.
(D)Beautiful in elevation, (E)the joy of the whole earth,
Is Mount Zion in the far north,
The (F)city of the great King.
In its palaces,
God has made Himself known as a (G)stronghold.

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There is a (A)river whose streams make the (B)city of God happy,
The holy (C)dwelling places of the Most High.

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