22 “The Lord [a]created me (A)at the beginning of His way,
Before His works [b]of old.
23 From eternity I was [c](B)established,
From the beginning, (C)from the earliest times of the earth.
24 When there were no (D)ocean depths, I was born,
When there were no springs abounding with water.
25 (E)Before the mountains were settled,
Before the hills, I was born;
26 While He had not yet made the earth and the [d]fields,
Nor the first dust of the world.
27 When He (F)established the heavens, I was there;
When (G)He inscribed a circle on the face of the deep,
28 When He made firm the skies above,
When the springs of the deep became [e]fixed,
29 When (H)He set a boundary for the sea
So that the water would not violate His [f]command,
When He marked out (I)the foundations of the earth;
30 Then (J)I was beside Him, as a master workman;
And I was His delight daily,
[g]Rejoicing always before Him,
31 [h]Rejoicing in the world, His earth,
And having (K)my delight in the sons of mankind.

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  1. Proverbs 8:22 Or possessed
  2. Proverbs 8:22 Lit from then
  3. Proverbs 8:23 Or consecrated
  4. Proverbs 8:26 Lit outside places
  5. Proverbs 8:28 Lit strong
  6. Proverbs 8:29 Lit mouth
  7. Proverbs 8:30 Or Playing
  8. Proverbs 8:31 Or Playing

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