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29 Whoever is ·stubborn [L stiff-necked] after being corrected many times
will suddenly be ·hurt [broken] beyond ·cure [healing].

When ·good [righteous] people ·do well [or multiply; increase], ·everyone is [L the people are] happy,
but when evil people ·rule [dominate], ·everyone groans [L the people groan/moan].

Those who love wisdom make their ·parents [L father] happy,
but friends of prostitutes ·waste their money [destroy riches].

If a king is ·fair [just], he makes his country ·strong [stable],
but if he ·takes gifts dishonestly [heavily taxes/extorts it], he tears his country down [1 Sam. 12:10–18].

Those who give false praise to their ·neighbors [or friends]
are setting a ·trap for them [trap/net for their feet].

Evil people are trapped by their own ·sin [offenses],
but ·good [righteous] people can sing and be happy.

·Good [Righteous] people ·care [know] about ·justice for [the rights of] the poor,
but the wicked ·are not concerned [L do not understand].

·People who make fun of wisdom [Mockers] ·cause trouble in [L inflame] a city,
but wise people ·calm anger down [L turn back anger].

When a wise person ·takes a foolish person to court [or debates/disputes a fool],
the fool only shouts or laughs, and there is no ·peace [rest].

10 Murderers hate an ·honest [innocent; blameless] person
and ·try to kill [L seek the life of] ·those who do right [the virtuous].

11 Foolish people ·lose their tempers [or let nothing go unexpressed; L let all their spirit out],
but wise people ·control theirs [quiet things down afterward].

12 If a ruler pays attention to lies,
all ·his officers [those who serve him] will become wicked [Ps. 101:6–8].

13 The poor person and the ·cruel person [oppressor] are alike
in that the Lord gave light to the eyes of both of them.

14 If a king judges poor people ·fairly [in truth; reliably],
his ·government [L throne] will ·continue [be established] forever.

15 Correction and ·punishment [L the rod] make children wise,
but those ·left alone [unsupervised] will disgrace their mother.

16 When there are many wicked people, there is much ·sin [offense],
but ·those who do right [the righteous] will see ·them destroyed [their downfall].

17 ·Correct [Instruct; Discipline] your children, and ·you will be proud [they will give you peace of mind];
they will give you ·satisfaction [delight].

18 Where there is no ·word from God [L vision; prophecy], ·people are uncontrolled [T the people perish],
but those who ·obey what they have been taught [L guard the law] are ·happy [blessed].

19 Words alone cannot ·correct [instruct] a servant,
because even if they understand, they won’t respond.

20 Do you see people who speak too ·quickly [hastily]?
There is more hope for a foolish person than for them.

21 If you ·spoil [pamper] your servants when they are young,
they will bring you ·grief [trouble] later on.

22 An angry person ·causes trouble [stirs up conflict];
a person with ·a quick temper [wrath] sins a lot.

23 Pride will ·ruin people [cause people to fall],
but ·those who are humble will be honored [a lowly spirit holds honor/glory tight].

24 ·Partners of [L Those who divide plunder with] thieves ·are their own worst enemies [L hate their lives/themselves].
If they ·have to testify in court [L hear a curse], they ·are afraid to [L do not] say anything.

25 ·Being afraid of [Anxiety about] people ·can get you into trouble [L is a trap],
but if you trust the Lord, you will be ·safe [protected; Ps. 56:11; 1 John 4:18].

26 Many people want ·to speak to [an audience with] a ruler,
but justice comes only from the Lord.

27 ·Good [Righteous] people ·hate [detest] ·those who are dishonest [the unjust],
and the wicked ·hate [detest] ·those who are honest [L the straight path].