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28 The wicked run away even though no one pursues them,
    but the righteous are as confident as a lion.
When a land rebels, there are many leaders;
    but a person with understanding brings order.
Poor people who oppress the needy
    are rain that washes away food.
Those who abandon Instruction praise the wicked,
    but those who follow Instruction battle them.
Evil people don’t understand justice,
    but those who seek the Lord understand everything.
Better to be poor and walk in innocence
    than to be on crooked paths and wealthy.
Intelligent children follow Instruction,
    but those who befriend gluttons shame their parents.
Those who become rich through high interest rates
    gather money for those who are generous to the poor.
Those who turn their ears from hearing Instruction—
    even their prayers will be detested.
10 Whoever misleads those who do right onto an evil path
    will fall into their own pit,
    but the blameless will inherit good things.
11 Rich people think they are wise,
    but an insightful poor person sees through them.
12 When the righteous rejoice, there is great respect,
    but people hide when the wicked prosper.
13 Those who hide their sins won’t succeed,
    but those who confess and give them up will receive mercy.
14 Happy are those who are continually fearful,
    but those whose hearts are hard fall into trouble.
15 A wicked ruler over the poor
    is like a growling lion or a prowling bear.
16 A prince without understanding is a cruel oppressor,
    but one who hates unjust gain will live long.
17 If someone feels guilty about murder,
    don’t hold them back from fleeing to the pit.
18 Those who walk in innocence will be saved,
    but those who go on twisted paths will fall into the grave.
19 Those who work the land will have plenty to eat,
    but those with worthless pursuits will have plenty of poverty.
20 Reliable people will have abundant blessings,
    but those with get-rich-quick schemes won’t go unpunished.
21 Those who show favoritism aren’t good;
    people do wrong for a crust of bread.
22 The stingy try to get rich fast,
    unaware that loss will come to them.
23 Those who correct someone will, in the end, find more favor
    than those with flattering tongues.
24 Those who steal from their father and mother,
    and say, “It’s not a crime,”
    are friends of vandals.
25 Greedy people stir up conflict,
    but those who trust the Lord become prosperous.
26 Those who trust in their own reasoning are fools,
    but those who walk in wisdom will be kept safe.
27 Those who give to the poor will lack nothing,
    but those who turn a blind eye will be greatly cursed.
28 When the wicked rise up, people hide,
    but when they are destroyed, the righteous multiply.

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