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V. Further Sayings of the Wise[a]

23 These also are Words of the Wise:
To show partiality in judgment is not good.(A)

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  1. 24:23–34

    A little collection between the thirty sayings of 22:17–24:22 and the Hezekiah collection in chaps. 25–29. Its title (v. 23) suggests that editors took it as an appendix. At this point, the Greek edition of Proverbs begins to arrange the later sections of the book in a different order than the Hebrew edition.

    An editor has arranged originally separate sayings into two parallel groups.

    Conduct in court:Judges (vv. 24–25)Witnesses (v. 28)
    Speaking, thinking:Good speech (v. 26)Bad speech (v. 29)
    Wisdom in work:Positive (v. 27)Negative (vv. 30–34)