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Proverbs 22 Expanded Bible (EXB)

22 ·Being respected [L A good name/reputation] is more important than having great riches.
·To be well thought of [High esteem] is better than silver or gold [Eccl. 7:1].

The rich and the poor ·are alike [have a common bond]
in that the Lord made them all.

The ·wise [prudent] see ·danger [evil; trouble] ahead and avoid it,
but fools ·keep going [go straight to it] and ·get into trouble [or are punished].

·Respecting [Fearing] the Lord [1:7] and ·not being proud [humility]
will bring you wealth, honor, and life.

Evil people’s lives are like paths covered with thorns and ·traps [nets].
People who guard themselves ·don’t have such problems [L stay far from them].

Train children ·to live the right way [L in their/or his path; C referring either to children or to God],
and when they are old, they will not ·stray [depart] from it.

The rich rule over the poor,
and borrowers are ·servants [slaves] to lenders.

Those who ·plan [L sow] ·evil [injustice] will ·receive [L reap; harvest] ·trouble [evil; Matt. 26:52].
·Their cruel anger [L The rod of their fury] will come to an end.

Generous people ·will be blessed [or he will bless],
because they share their food with the poor.

10 ·Get rid of [Banish; Drive out] the ·one who makes fun of wisdom [mocker].
Then ·fighting [conflict], ·quarrels [judgments], and ·insults [shame] will stop.

11 Whoever loves pure ·thoughts [L hearts] and kind ·words [L lips]
will have even the king as a friend.

12 The eyes of the Lord guard knowledge,
but he ·destroys [frustrates] ·false words [L the words of the untrustworthy/faithless].

13 The lazy person says, “There’s a lion outside!
I might get killed out in the ·street [middle of the public square]!”

14 The ·words [L mouth] of ·an unfaithful wife [L the strange woman] are like a deep ·trap [pit].
Those who make the Lord angry will ·get caught by them [L fall in it].

15 ·Every child is full of foolishness [L Stupidity/Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child],
but ·punishment can get rid of it [L the rod of discipline drives it far from them].

16 Whoever gets rich by ·mistreating [oppressing] the poor,
and gives presents to the wealthy, will become poor.

Other Wise Sayings

17 ·Listen carefully to [L Incline/Bend your ear and hear] ·what wise people say [L the words of the wise];
    ·pay attention to [set your heart on] what I am teaching you.
18 It will be ·good [pleasant] to ·keep these things in mind [L guard them in your innermost being]
    so that you ·are ready to repeat them [L have them ready on your lips].
19 I am teaching them to you now
    so that you will put your trust in the Lord.
20 I have written ·thirty [or excellent] sayings for you,
    which give knowledge and good advice.
21 I am teaching you true and reliable words
    so that you can give true answers to anyone who ·asks [L sends you].

22 Do not ·abuse [L steal from] poor people because they are poor,
    and do not ·take away the rights of [oppress] the needy in ·court [L the gate].
23 The Lord will ·defend them in court [accuse their accusers]
    and will ·take the life of those who take away their rights [L press/squeeze the life out of those who press/squeeze them; Ex. 22:21–23; 23:6; Deut. 24:14–15].

24 Don’t make friends with ·quick-tempered people [people controlled by anger]
    or ·spend time [associate] with those who have bad tempers.
25 If you do, you will ·be like them [learn their ways].
    Then you will ·be in real danger [L get yourself trapped].

26 Don’t ·promise [L shake hands] to pay what someone else owes,
    and don’t guarantee anyone’s loan.
27 If you cannot pay the loan,
    ·your own bed may [L why should your own bed…?] be taken right out from under you.

28 Don’t move an ·old stone that marks a border [an ancient boundary marker; Deut. 19:14; 27:17; Job 24:2; Hos. 5:10; C borders were marked by carved stones],
because those stones were set up by your ancestors.

29 Do you see people ·skilled [or diligent] in their work?
They will work for kings, not for ·ordinary [obscure] people.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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