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Proverbs 20 Expanded Bible (EXB)

20 Wine and ·beer [T strong drink; C an alcoholic beverage made from grain] make people ·loud [mockers] and ·uncontrolled [carousers; brawlers];
it is not wise to ·get drunk on [L be led astray by] them.

An angry king is like a ·roaring [growling] lion.
Making him angry may cost you your life.

Foolish people are always fighting,
but ·avoiding quarrels [backing away from an accusation] will bring you ·honor [glory; praise].

Lazy farmers don’t plow ·when they should [L in the winter];
they ·expect [look for] a harvest, but there is none.

People’s ·thoughts [advice; purpose] can be like a deep ·well [L waters],
but someone with understanding can ·find the wisdom there [draw it out].

Many people claim to be loyal,
but it is hard to find a ·trustworthy [reliable] person.

The ·good [righteous] people who ·live honest lives [walk about in innocence]
will be a blessing to their children.

When a king sits on his throne to judge,
he ·knows evil when he sees it [or scatters evil with his eyes].

No one can say, “I am innocent;
I ·have never done anything wrong [am cleansed from my sin].”

10 The Lord hates both these things:
·dishonest weights and dishonest measures [L stone and stone, ephah and ephah].

11 Even children are known by their behavior;
their actions show if they are ·innocent [pure] and ·good [upright].

12 The Lord has made both these things:
ears to hear and eyes to see.

13 ·If you love to sleep, you [L Do not love to sleep, or you] will be poor.
·If you stay awake [L Keep your eyes open, and], you will have plenty of food.

14 Buyers say, “·This is bad. It’s no good [L Bad, bad].”
Then they go away and brag about what they bought.

15 There is gold and plenty of ·rubies [or pearls],
but ·only a few people speak with knowledge [L the most precious jewels are knowledgeable lips].

16 Take the coat of someone who promises to pay a stranger’s debts,
and keep it until he pays what the ·stranger [L foreigner] owes.

17 ·Stolen [Fraudulent; False] food may taste sweet at first,
but later it will feel like a mouth full of gravel.

18 Get advice if you want your plans to ·work [be firm].
If you go to war, get ·the advice of others [guidance].

19 Gossips ·can’t keep [reveal] secrets,
so avoid people who ·talk too much [L are foolish with their lips].

20 Those who curse their father or mother
will be like a light going out in darkness [Job 18:6; 21:17].

21 Wealth inherited quickly in the beginning
will ·do you no good [not bless you] in the end.

22 Don’t say, “I’ll pay you back for the wrong you did.”
Wait for the Lord, and he will ·make things right [save you; Rom. 12:17–20].

23 The Lord ·hates [detests] ·dishonest weights [L stone and stone],
and ·dishonest [fraudulent] scales ·do not please him [L are not good].

24 The Lord decides ·what a person will do [L the steps of a person];
·no one understands what his life is all about [L how can people understand their path?].

25 It’s ·dangerous [L a trap] to ·promise something to God too quickly [speak rashly about holy things].
·After you’ve thought about it, it may be too late [L And to think about it after you made a vow; Lev. 7:16–17; 22:18–23; Judg. 11:29–40; Eccl. 5:1–7].

26 A wise king ·sorts out [winnows; scatters] the evil people,
and he ·punishes them as they deserve [L rolls a threshing sledge over them].

27 The lamp of the Lord looks deep inside people
and searches through ·their thoughts [L all their inner parts].

28 Loyalty and ·truth [faithfulness] ·keep a king in power [protect a king];
he ·continues to rule [supports his throne] if he is loyal.

29 The young glory in their strength,
and the old are honored for their gray hair.

30 ·Hard punishment [L Blows and bruises] ·will get rid of [cleanses away] evil,
and ·whippings [beatings] ·can change an evil heart [L the inner parts].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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