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19 Better to be a poor person who lives innocently
    than to be one who talks dishonestly and is a fool.
A person without knowledge is no good.
    A person in a hurry makes mistakes.
The stupidity of a person turns his life upside down,
    and his heart rages against Yahweh.
Wealth adds many friends,
    but a poor person is separated from his friend.

A lying witness will not go unpunished.
    One who tells lies will not escape.
Many try to win the kindness of a generous person,
    and everyone is a friend to a person who gives gifts.
The entire family of a poor person hates him.
    How much more do his friends keep their distance from him!
        When he chases them with words, they are gone.
A person who gains sense loves himself.
    One who guards understanding finds something good.
A lying witness will not go unpunished.
    One who tells lies will die.

10 Luxury does not fit a fool,
    much less a slave ruling princes.
11 A person with good sense is patient,
    and it is to his credit that he overlooks an offense.
12 The rage of a king is like the roar of a lion,
    but his favor is like dew on the grass.

A Foolish Son Brings Ruin to Others

13 A foolish son ruins his father,
    and a quarreling woman is like constantly dripping water.
14 Home and wealth are inherited from fathers,
    but a sensible wife comes from Yahweh.

15 Laziness throws one into a deep sleep,
    and an idle person will go hungry.
16 Whoever obeys the law preserves his life,
    but whoever despises Yahweh’s ways will be put to death.

17 Whoever has pity on the poor lends to Yahweh,
    and he will repay him for his good deed.
18 Discipline your son while there is still hope.
    Do not be the one responsible for his death.
19 A person who has a hot temper will pay for it.
    If you rescue him, you will have to do it over and over.
20 Listen to advice and accept discipline
    so that you may be wise the rest of your life.
21 Many plans are in the human heart,
    but the advice of Yahweh will endure.
22 Loyalty is desirable in a person,
    and it is better to be poor than a liar.

23 The fear of Yahweh leads to life,
    and such a person will rest easy without suffering harm.[a]
24 A lazy person puts his fork in his food.
    He doesn’t even bring it back to his mouth.
25 Strike a mocker, and a gullible person may learn a lesson.
    Warn an understanding person, and he will gain more knowledge.

Foolproof Instructions

26 A son who assaults his father and who drives away his mother
    brings shame and disgrace.
27 If you stop listening to instruction, my son,
    you will stray from the words of knowledge.

28 A worthless witness mocks justice,
    and the mouths of wicked people swallow up trouble.
29 Punishments are set for mockers
    and beatings for the backs of fools.


  1. Proverbs 19:23 Hebrew meaning of this line uncertain.

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