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Saying 20

24 Do not want what evil people have.
    Don’t long to be with them.
In their hearts they plan to hurt others.
    With their lips they talk about making trouble.

Saying 21

By wisdom a house is built.
    Through understanding it is made secure.
Through knowledge its rooms are filled
    with priceless and beautiful things.

Saying 22

Wise people have success by means of great power.
    Those who have knowledge gather strength.
If you go to war, you surely need guidance.
    If you want to win, you need many good advisers.

Saying 23

Wisdom is too high for foolish people.
    They shouldn’t speak when people meet at the city gate to conduct business.

Saying 24

Anyone who thinks up sinful things to do
    will be known as one who plans evil.
Foolish plans are sinful.
    People hate those who make fun of others.

Saying 25

10 If you grow weak when trouble comes,
    your strength is very small!
11 Save those who are being led away to death.
    Hold back those who are about to be killed.
12 Don’t say, “But we didn’t know anything about this.”
    Doesn’t the God who knows what you are thinking see it?
Doesn’t the God who guards your life know it?
    He will pay back everyone for what they have done.

Saying 26

13 Eat honey, my son, because it is good.
    Honey from a honeycomb has a sweet taste.
14 I want you to know that wisdom is like honey for you.
    If you find it, there is hope for you tomorrow.
    So your hope will not be cut off.

Saying 27

15 Don’t hide and wait like a burglar near a godly person’s house.
    Don’t rob their home.
16 Even if godly people fall down seven times, they always get up.
    But those who are evil trip and fall when trouble comes.

Saying 28

17 Don’t be happy when your enemy falls.
    When he trips, don’t let your heart be glad.
18 The Lord will see it, but he won’t be pleased.
    He might turn his anger away from your enemy.

Saying 29

19 Don’t be upset because of evil people.
    Don’t long for what sinners have.
20 Tomorrow evil people won’t have any hope.
    The lamps of sinners will be blown out.

Saying 30

21 My son, have respect for the Lord and the king.
    Don’t join with officials who disobey them.
22 The Lord and the king will suddenly destroy them.
    Who knows what trouble those two can bring?

More Sayings of Wise People

23 Here are more sayings of wise people.

Taking sides in court is not good.
24     A curse will fall on those who say the guilty are not guilty.
Nations will ask for bad things to happen to them.
    People will speak against them.
25 But it will go well with those who sentence guilty people.
    Rich blessings will come to them.

26 An honest answer
    is like a kiss on the lips.

27 Put your outdoor work in order.
    Get your fields ready.
    After that, build your house.

28 Don’t be a witness against your neighbor for no reason.
    Would you use your lips to tell lies?
29 Don’t say, “I’ll do to them what they have done to me.
    I’ll get even with them for what they did.”

30 I went past the field of someone who didn’t want to work.
    I went past the vineyard of someone who didn’t have any sense.
31 Thorns had grown up everywhere.
    The ground was covered with weeds.
    The stone wall had fallen down.
32 I applied my heart to what I observed.
    I learned a lesson from what I saw.
33 You might sleep a little or take a little nap.
    You might even fold your hands and rest.
34 Then you would be poor, as if someone had robbed you.
    You would have little, as if someone had stolen from you.

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