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14 A wise woman buildeth her house; and an unwise woman shall destroy with hands, that is, with her evil works, an house builded. (A wise woman buildeth up her own house; but an unwise woman shall destroy with her own hands, that is, with her own evil works, the house that she hath built.)

A man going in rightful way, and dreading God, is despised of him that goeth in the way of evil fame. (A person who doeth right, and feareth God/and revereth God, is despised by him who goeth in evil ways.)

The rod of pride is in the mouth of a fool; the lips of wise men keep them (but the lips of the wise keep them safe).

Where oxen be not, the cratch is void (the stall is empty); but where full many corns appear, there the strength of the ox is [made] open.

A faithful witness shall not lie; a guileful witness bringeth forth a leasing (a deceitful witness bringeth forth many lies).

A scorner seeketh wisdom, and he findeth it not (A mocker seeketh wisdom, but never findeth it); the teaching of prudent men is easy.

Go thou against a man a fool; and he shall not know the lips of prudence. (Go thou away from a foolish person; for he shall not speak words of understanding, that is, sensible words.)

The wisdom of a fell man is to understand his way; and the unwariness of fools erreth. (The wisdom of a clever person is to understand his own way; but the carelessness of fools maketh them to err.)

A fool scorneth sin; grace shall dwell among just men. (A fool mocketh sin; favour shall dwell among the righteous.)

10 The heart that knoweth the bitterness of his soul; a stranger shall not be meddled in the joy thereof. (The heart knoweth the bitterness of its own soul; a stranger cannot be mixed in, or mingled, with its joy.)

11 The house of wicked men shall be done away; the tabernacles of just men shall burgeon. (The houses of the wicked shall be done away; but the homes of the righteous shall flourish.)

12 Soothly a way is, that seemeth just to a man (Truly there is a way, that seemeth right to a person); but the last things thereof lead forth to death.

13 Laughing shall be meddled with sorrow (Laughter shall be mixed, or mingled, with sorrow); and mourning occupieth the last things of joy.

14 A fool shall be filled with his ways; and a good man shall be above him. (A fool shall reap the fruit of his foolish ways; and a good person that of his deeds, or of his labour.)

15 An innocent man believeth to each word; a fell man beholdeth his goings. (An innocent person believeth each and every word; a clever person regardeth, or watcheth, his own steps.)

16 A wise man dreadeth, and boweth away from evil; a fool skippeth over, and trusteth.

17 A man unpatient shall work folly; and a guileful man is odious. (An impatient person will act foolishly; and a deceitful person is odious.)

18 Little men of wit shall hold folly; and fell men shall abide knowing. (People of little wit, or of low intelligence, shall hold fast to foolishness; but clever people shall gain understanding.)

19 Evil men shall lie (down) before good men; and unpious men before the gates of just men. (Evil people shall lie down before good people; and the wicked shall bow before the gates of the righteous.)

20 A poor man shall be (thought) hateful, yea, (even) to his neighbour; but many men be (the) friends of rich men.

21 He that despiseth his neighbour, doeth sin; but he that doeth mercy to a poor man, shall be blessed.

22 He that believeth in the Lord, loveth mercy; they err that work evil. Mercy and truth make ready goods (Mercy and truth bring forth good things);

23 abundance shall be in each good work/in every good work. Soothly where full many words be, there neediness is oft (Truly, where there be a great many words, there often is neediness, or lack, or want).

24 The crown of wise men is the riches of them; the folly of fools is unwariness. (The reward of the wise is their riches; the foolishness of fools is their recklessness.)

25 A faithful witness delivereth souls; and a false man bringeth forth leasings. (A faithful witness saveth lives; but a false accuser bringeth forth only lies.)

26 In the dread of the Lord is trust of strength; and hope shall be to the sons of him. (He who feareth the Lord/He who revereth the Lord hath trust in his strength; and his sons and daughters shall have hope and security.)

27 The dread of the Lord is a well of life; that it bow away from the falling of death. (The fear of the Lord/Reverence for the Lord is a well of life; yea, so that thou turn away from deadly traps, or snares.)

28 The dignity of the king is in the multitude of (his) people; and the shame of a prince is in the fewness of (his) people.

29 He that is patient, is governed by much wisdom; but he that is unpatient, enhanceth his folly.

30 (The) Health of (the) heart is the life of (the) flesh; envy is (the) rot of (the) bones.

31 He that falsely challengeth a needy man, despiseth his maker; but he that hath mercy on a poor man, honoureth his maker. (He who oppresseth the needy, despiseth his Maker; but he who hath mercy on the poor, honoureth his Maker.)

32 A wicked man is put out for his malice; but a just man hopeth in his death. (A wicked person is brought down by his own malice; but a righteous person hath hope in his death.)

33 Wisdom resteth in the heart of a wise man; and he shall teach all unlearned men. (Wisdom resteth in the hearts of the wise; and they shall teach all the unlearned.)

34 Rightfulness raiseth [up] a folk; sin maketh peoples wretches. (Uprightness raiseth up the nation; sin maketh people into wretches.)

35 A servant understanding is acceptable to a king; a servant unprofitable shall suffer the wrathfulness of him. (An understanding servant shall receive the king’s favour; an unprofitable servant shall suffer his wrath.)