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13 A wise son is the teaching of the father; but he that is a scorner, heareth not, when he is reproved. (A wise son listeneth to his father’s teaching; but he who is a mocker, heareth not, when he is rebuked.)

A man shall be filled with goods of the fruit of his mouth; but the soul of unpious men is wicked. (A good person shall be filled with things from the fruit of his mouth; but the souls of evil people be wicked.)

He that keepeth his mouth, keepeth his soul; but he that is unwary to speak, shall feel evils. (He who guardeth his mouth, keepeth his soul safe; but he who is careless when he speaketh, shall experience evil.)

A slow man will, and will not; but the soul of them that work shall be made fat. (A lazy person desireth, and desireth not; but those who do work shall prosper.)

A just man shall loathe a false word; but a wicked man shameth, and shall be shamed. (The righteous loathe a lie; but the wicked shame, and shall be shamed.)

Rightfulness keepeth (safe) the way of an innocent man; but wickedness deceiveth a sinner.

A man is as rich, when he hath nothing; and a man is as poor, when he is in many riches. (A person can be rich, even when he hath nothing; and a person can be poor, even when he hath many riches.)

[The] Redemption of the soul of [a] man is his riches; but he that is poor, suffereth not blaming. (The ransom for a man’s life is his riches; but he who is poor, shall not even suffer threats.)

The light of just men maketh glad; but the lantern of wicked men shall be quenched. (The light of the righteous maketh happy, or inspireth; but the lantern of the wicked shall be quenched.)

10 Strives be ever among proud men; but they that do all things with counsel, be governed by wisdom. (There is always strife, or arguments, among the proud; but they who do all things with advice, be governed by wisdom.)

11 Hasted chattel, that is, gotten hastily, shall be made less; but that that is gathered little and little with hand, shall be multiplied (but that which is gathered little by little, shall be multiplied).

12 Hope which is delayed, tormenteth the soul; a tree of life is (a) desire (that is) coming.

13 He that backbiteth anything, bindeth himself into [the] time to coming; but he that dreadeth the commandment, shall live in peace. (He who backbiteth for something said to him, bindeth himself to the time to come; but he who feareth the commandment, shall live in peace.)

14 The law of a wise man is a well of life; that he bow away from the falling of death, that is, of sin, and of hell. (The teaching of the wise is a well of life; so that thou bow away from the falling of death, that is, from sin, and from hell.)

15 Good teaching shall give grace; a swallow is in the way of despisers. (Good teaching shall bring favour; a pit is on the way of despisers.)

16 A fell man doeth all things with counsel; but he that is a fool, shall open folly. (A clever person doeth everything with forethought, or only after advice; but he who is a fool, shall lay open his foolishness for all to see.)

17 The messenger of a wicked man shall fall into evil; a faithful messenger is health. (A wicked messenger shall fall into evil; but a faithful messenger bringeth health/victory/salvation, or deliverance.)

18 Neediness and shame is to him that forsaketh teaching; but he that assenteth to a blamer, shall be glorified. (Neediness and shame shall be for him who abandoneth his teaching, or his instruction; but he who assenteth to a rebuker, shall be honoured.)

19 Desire, if it is [ful]filled, delighteth the soul; fools loathe them that flee evils.

20 He that goeth with wise men, shall be wise (He who goeth with the wise, shall be wise); the friend of fools shall be made like them.

21 Evil pursueth sinners; and goods shall be given to just men (but good things shall be given to the righteous).

22 A good man shall leave after him heirs, sons, and the sons of sons; and the chattel of a sinner is kept to a just man. (A good person shall leave heirs after him, yea, sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters; but a sinner’s possessions shall be given to the righteous.)

23 Many meats be in the new-tilled fields of fathers; and be gathered to other men without doom. (Much food for the poor could be in untilled fields; but other men unjustly keep that land from being worked.)

24 He that spareth the rod, hateth his son; but he that loveth him, teacheth busily (but he who loveth him, busily teacheth him).

25 A just man eateth, and [ful]filleth his soul; but the womb of wicked men is unable to be filled. (The righteous eat, and fill their hunger; but the bellies of the wicked be unable to be filled.)