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22 “The Lord ·begot [or acquired; possessed] me ·when he began his work [L at the beginning of his path],
    long before he made anything else.
23 I was ·created [formed; woven; or appointed] in the very beginning,
    even before the world began.
24 I was ·born [brought forth] ·before there were oceans [L when there were no deeps],
    or springs ·overflowing [heavy] with water,
25 before the hills were ·there [L settled],
    before the mountains I was ·born [brought forth].
26 God had not made the earth or ·fields [open country],
    not even the first ·dust [mud clods; soil] of the earth.
27 I was there when God ·put the skies in place [established the heavens],
    when he ·stretched [decreed] the horizon over the ·oceans [deep],
28 when he ·made [thickened; strengthened] the clouds above
    and put the deep underground springs in place.
29 I was there when he ·ordered [decreed] the sea
    not to go beyond the borders he had set.
I was there when he ·laid [decreed] the earth’s foundation.
30     I was like a ·child [nursling; or craftsman; architect] by his side.
I was ·delighted [playing] every day,
    ·enjoying [laughing in] his presence all the time,

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