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Therefore hōste, my egō brothers adelphos, you whom I love agapētos and kai long epipothētos for , my egō joy chara and kai crown stephanos, stand firm stēkō in en the Lord kyrios in this way houtōs, my dear friends agapētos!

I urge parakaleō Euodia euodia and kai I urge parakaleō Syntyche Syntychē to agree ho in en the Lord kyrios. Yes nai, I ask erōtaō you sy also kai, my true gnēsios comrade syzygos, help syllambanō these women autos who hostis have labored side by side with synathleō me egō in en the cause of the ho gospel euangelion, along kai with meta Clement Klēmēs and kai the ho rest loipos of my egō fellow synergos workers , whose hos · ho names onoma are in en the book biblos of life zōē.

Rejoice chairō in en the Lord kyrios always pantote; again palin I say legō, Rejoice chairō! Let · ho your hymeis gentleness epieikēs be known ginōskō to every pas person anthrōpos. The ho Lord kyrios is at hand engys. Do merimnaō not be anxious about merimnaō anything mēdeis, but alla in en everything pas by ho prayer proseuchē and kai · ho supplication deēsis with meta thanksgiving eucharistia let · ho your hymeis requests aitēma be made known gnōrizō to pros · ho God theos. And kai the ho peace eirēnē of ho God theos, which ho surpasses hyperechō all pas understanding nous, will guard phroureō · ho your hymeis hearts kardia and kai · ho your hymeis minds noēma in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous.

· ho Finally loipos, brothers adelphos, whatever hosos is eimi true alēthēs, whatever hosos is honorable semnos, whatever hosos is just dikaios, whatever hosos is pure hagnos, whatever hosos is lovely prosphilēs, whatever hosos is commendable euphēmos, if ei there is any tis excellence aretē, · kai if ei there is anything tis worthy epainos of praise , let your mind dwell on logizomai these things houtos. What hos · kai you have learned manthanō and kai received paralambanō and kai heard akouō and kai seen in en me egō put these things houtos into practice prassō, and kai the ho God theos of ho peace eirēnē will be eimi with meta you hymeis.

10 I rejoice chairō · de in en the Lord kyrios greatly megalōs that hoti now ēdē at last pote you have revived anathallō your ho concern phroneō for hyper me egō. Indeed epi hos, you were concerned phroneō before kai, but de you had no opportunity akaireomai. 11 I am legō not ou saying legō this because hoti I am in kata need hysterēsis, for gar I egō have learned manthanō to be eimi content autarkēs in en whatever hos circumstance I find myself eimi. 12 I know oida · kai what it is to be in want tapeinoō, and kai I know oida what it is to have an abundance perisseuō. In en any pas and kai every pas circumstance I have learned the secret myeō, whether kai I am well-fed chortazō or kai hungry peinaō, · kai have plenty perisseuō or kai am in need hystereō. 13 I can do ischuō all things pas through en the ho one who strengthens endynamoō me egō. 14 However plēn, you have acted poieō nobly kalōs, sharing with synkoinōneō me egō in my ho distress thlipsis.

15 And de you hymeis Philippians Philippēsios know oida · kai that hoti in en the beginning archē of my ho gospel euangelion ministry , when hote I left exerchomai Macedonia Makedonia, no oudeis church ekklēsia joined with koinōneō me egō in eis giving dosis and kai receiving lēmpsis but ei mē you hymeis only monos, 16 for hoti even kai in en Thessalonica Thessalonikē · kai you sent pempō something more than once hapax · kai for eis · ho my egō need chreia. 17 Not ou that hoti I seek epizēteō the ho gift doma; rather alla, I seek epizēteō the ho interest karpos that ho accrues pleonazō to eis your hymeis account logos. 18 I have received apechō · de all pas I need and kai more perisseuō. I am well supplied plēroō, having received dechomai from para Epaphroditus Epaphroditos the ho gift you hymeis sent para, a fragrant osmē offering euōdia, a sacrifice thusia acceptable dektos and pleasing euarestos to ho God theos. 19 · ho And de my egō God theos will supply plēroō your hymeis every pas need chreia according to kata · ho his autos glorious doxa riches ploutos in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous. 20 To ho · de our hēmeis God theos and kai Father patēr be · ho glory doxa for eis all ho time aiōn ho. · ho Amen amēn.

21 Greet aspazomai every pas saint hagios in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous. The ho brothers adelphos who are with syn me egō send their greetings to aspazomai you hymeis. 22 All pas the ho saints hagios greet aspazomai you hymeis, especially malista · de those ho of ek · ho Caesar’ s Kaisar household oikia. 23 The ho grace charis of the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos be with meta · ho your hymeis spirit pneuma.

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