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Philippians 4:10-20 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Paul Gives Thanks for the Gifts He Was Given

10 The Lord has made me very grateful that at last you have thought about me once again. Actually, you were thinking about me all along, but you didn’t have any chance to show it. 11 I am not complaining about having too little. I have learned to be satisfied with[a] whatever I have. 12 I know what it is to be poor or to have plenty, and I have lived under all kinds of conditions. I know what it means to be full or to be hungry, to have too much or too little. 13 Christ gives me the strength to face anything.

14 It was good of you to help me when I was having such a hard time. 15 My friends at Philippi, you remember what it was like when I started preaching the good news in Macedonia.[b] After I left there, you were the only church that became my partner by giving blessings and by receiving them in return. 16 Even when I was in Thessalonica, you helped me more than once. 17 I am not trying to get something from you, but I want you to receive the blessings that come from giving.

18 I have been paid back everything, and with interest. I am completely satisfied with the gifts that you had Epaphroditus bring me. They are like a sweet-smelling offering or like the right kind of sacrifice that pleases God. 19 I pray that God will take care of all your needs with the wonderful blessings that come from Christ Jesus! 20 May God our Father be praised forever and ever. Amen.


  1. 4.11 be satisfied with: Or “get by on.”
  2. 4.15 when I started preaching the good news in Macedonia: Paul is talking about his first visit to Philippi (see Acts 16.12-40).

Philippians 4:10-20 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Paul Thanks the Christians

10 I ·am very happy [L rejoiced greatly] in the Lord that you have ·shown [renewed; revived] your ·care [concern] for me again. You continued to ·care [be concerned] about me, but ·there was no way for you [you had no opportunity] to show it. 11 I am not telling you this because I need anything. [L For] I have learned to be ·satisfied [content] ·whatever the circumstances [or with whatever I have]. 12 I know how to live when I am ·poor [in humble circumstances], and I know how to live when I have plenty. I have learned the ·secret of being happy [L secret] ·at any time in everything that happens [or in any and all circumstances], when I have enough to eat and when I go hungry, when I have ·more than I need [plenty; an abundance] and when I do not have enough. 13 I can do all things through ·Christ, because he [L the one who] gives me strength.

14 ·But [However; Nevertheless] it was good that you ·helped [shared/partnered with] me ·when I needed it [L in my trouble/trial]. 15 You Philippians remember ·when I first preached the Good News there [or when you first believed the Good News/Gospel; L in the beginning of the Good News/Gospel; Acts 16:11–40]. When I left Macedonia [C the northern part of present-day Greece; Acts 17:14–15], ·you were the only church that [L no church except you alone] ·gave me help [L shared/partnered with me in matters of giving and receiving; C business terminology; the Philippians “invested” in Paul’s ministry and received back spiritual blessings]. 16 [L For] Even when I was in Thessalonica [C shortly after leaving Philippi; Thessalonica is southwest of Philippi; Acts 17:1–9] ·several times [L both once and twice] you sent me things I needed. 17 Really, it is not that I ·want to receive gifts from you [L seek the gift], but I ·want you to have the good that comes from giving [L seek the profit/fruit that increases to your account; C more business terminology; v. 15]. 18 And now I have ·everything [or received full payment], and more. I ·have all I need [or am fully supplied/filled up], because Epaphroditus [2:25] brought your gifts to me. They are ·like a sweet-smelling offering to God [L a fragrant aroma], a sacrifice that is acceptable and pleasing to him. 19 [L And] My God will ·meet [supply; fulfill] all of your needs ·from [L according to] his ·wonderful riches [glorious riches; or riches in heaven/glory] in Christ Jesus. 20 Glory to our God and Father forever and ever! Amen.

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