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· ho Finally loipos, my egō brethren adelphos, rejoice chairō in en the Lord kyrios. To write graphō the ho same autos things again to you hymeis is no ou trouble oknēros for me egō, and de it is a safeguard asphalēs for you hymeis.

Beware blepō of the ho dogs kyōn, beware blepō of the ho evil kakos workers ergatēs, beware blepō of those ho who practice mutilation katatomē. For gar we hēmeis are eimi the ho true circumcision peritomē, who ho worship latreuō by the Spirit pneuma of God theos and kai glory kauchaomai in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous and kai have peithō no ou confidence peithō in en the flesh sarx even kai though kaiper I egō have echō reason pepoithēsis for confidence in en the flesh sarx. If ei anyone tis else allos thinks dokeō he has reason peithō for confidence in en the flesh sarx, I egō have more mallon: circumcised peritomē on the eighth oktaēmeros day , a member of ek the nation genos of Israel Israēl, of the tribe phylē of Benjamin Beniamin, a Hebrew Hebraios born of ek Hebrews Hebraios. In regard kata to the law nomos, I was a Pharisee Pharisaios; as kata for zeal zēlos, a persecutor diōkō of the ho church ekklēsia; as kata for the righteousness dikaiosynē · ho set forth ginomai in en the law nomos, I was blameless amemptos. But alla whatever hostis things were eimi gain kerdos to me egō, these houtos I have come to regard hēgeomai as loss zēmia because dia of · ho Christ Christos. More than that alla, I regard hēgeomai all pas things as eimi loss zēmia because dia of the ho surpassing hyperechō worth of ho knowing gnōsis Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous · ho my egō Lord kyrios, for dia whom hos I have suffered the loss of · ho all pas things and kai regard hēgeomai them as rubbish skybalon, in order hina to gain kerdainō Christ Christos and kai be found heuriskō in en him autos, not having echō a righteousness dikaiosynē of my emos own that ho comes from ek the Law nomos, but alla that ho which comes through dia faith pistis in Christ Christos, the ho righteousness dikaiosynē from ek God theos that is based on epi · ho faith pistis 10 that ho I may know ginōskō him autos and kai the ho power dynamis of ho his autos resurrection anastasis and kai the ho fellowship koinōnia of ho his autos sufferings pathēma, becoming symmorphizō like him in ho his autos death thanatos, 11 if ei somehow pōs I may attain katantaō the ho resurrection exanastasis · ho from ek the dead nekros.

12 Not ou that hoti I have already ēdē obtained lambanō all this or ē have already ēdē reached teleioō my goal , but de I press diōkō on in order to ei · kai make it my own katalambanō because epi hos · kai Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous has made me his own katalambanō. 13 Brothers adelphos, I egō do logizomai not ou consider logizomai to have made katalambanō it my emautou own ; but de this one heis thing I do: forgetting epilanthanomai what ho lies behind opisō and de reaching out to epekteinomai what ho lies ahead emprosthen, 14 I press on diōkō toward kata the goal skopos for eis the ho prize brabeion of the ho upward anō call klēsis of ho God theos in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous.

15 So oun those hosos of us who are mature teleios should take this houtos point of view phroneō; and kai if ei in anything tis you think phroneō differently heterōs, that houtos too kai · ho God theos will make known apokalyptō to you hymeis. 16 In any case plēn, let us live stoicheō up to eis what hos we have already autos attained phthanō. · ho

17 Join ginomai in following symmimētēs my egō example , brothers adelphos, and kai pay close attention to skopeō those ho who are living peripateō this way houtōs, as kathōs you have echō us hēmeis as an example typos. 18 For gar many polys are living peripateō ( I have legō often pollakis told legō you hymeis about legō them hos but de now nyn tell legō you even kai with tears klaiō) as ho enemies echthros of the ho cross stauros of ho Christ Christos. 19 Their hos · ho end telos is destruction apōleia, their hos · ho god theos is the ho belly koilia, and kai they · ho glory doxa in en · ho their autos shame aischunē. Their ho minds are set on phroneō · ho earthly epigeios things . 20 But gar our hēmeis · ho citizenship politeuma is hyparchō in en heaven ouranos, and it is from ek there hos · kai that we eagerly await apekdechomai a Savior sōtēr, the Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, 21 who hos will transform metaschēmatizō · ho our hēmeis lowly tapeinōsis bodies sōma · ho into the likeness symmorphos of ho his autos glorious doxa body sōma, · ho by kata the ho power energeia that ho also kai enables dynamai him autos to subject hypotassō all things pas to himself autos. · ho

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