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So oun if ei there is any tis encouragement paraklēsis in en Christ Christos, if ei any tis comfort paramythion from love agapē, if ei any tis fellowship koinōnia in the Spirit pneuma, if ei any tis affection splanchnon and kai compassion oiktirmos, make plēroō my egō · ho joy chara complete by hina · ho being like-minded autos, having echō the ho same autos love agapē, united sympsychos in spirit , with a ho single heis purpose phroneō. Do nothing mēdeis out kata of selfish ambition eritheia or mēde vain conceit kenodoxia, but alla in ho humility tapeinophrosynē consider hēgeomai others allēlōn more important hyperechō than yourselves heautou. Each person hekastos should look out skopeō not only for his own heautou interests ho, but alla also kai for the ho interests of others heteros. Your hymeis attitude phroneō toward one another should be the same houtos as kai that hos of en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous, who hos, although he was hyparchō in en the form morphē of God theos, did hēgeomai not ou regard hēgeomai equality isos with God theos a thing to be eimi grasped harpagmos, but alla emptied kenoō himself heautou, taking on lambanō the form morphē of a servant, being born ginomai in en the likeness homoiōma of man anthrōpos. And kai being found heuriskō in appearance schēma as hōs a man anthrōpos he humbled tapeinoō himself heautou, becoming ginomai obedient hypēkoos to the point mechri of death thanatos, even de death thanatos on a cross stauros! Therefore dio · kai · ho God theos has highly exalted hyperypsoō him autos and kai bestowed charizomai on him autos the ho name onoma that ho is above hyper every pas name onoma, 10 so that hina at en the ho name onoma of Jesus Iēsous every pas knee gony should bow kamptō, in heaven epouranios, and kai on earth epigeios and kai under the earth katachthonios, 11 and kai every pas tongue glōssa confess exomologeomai that hoti Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos is Lord kyrios, to eis the glory doxa of God theos the Father patēr.

12 So then hōste, my egō dear friends agapētos, just as kathōs you have always pantote obeyed hypakouō, not only monon in en · ho my egō presence parousia but alla even polys more mallon now nyn in en · ho my egō absence apousia, continue to work out katergazomai your heautou salvation sōtēria with meta fear phobos and kai trembling tromos, · ho 13 for gar it is eimi God theos who ho is at work energeō in en you hymeis, both kai to will thelō and kai to work energeō on behalf hyper of his ho good pleasure eudokia. 14 Do poieō all pas things without chōris grumbling gongysmos or kai arguing dialogismos, 15 so that hina you may be ginomai blameless amemptos and kai innocent akeraios, children teknon of God theos above reproach in the midst mesos of a crooked skolios and kai perverse diastrephō generation genea, among en whom hos you shine phainō like hōs stars phōstēr in en the universe kosmos, 16 holding fast epechō the word logos of life zōē, so that eis I egō may have reason to boast kauchēma on eis the day hēmera of Christ Christos that hoti I did trechō not ou run trechō in eis vain kenos or oude labor kopiaō in eis vain kenos. 17 But alla even kai if ei I am to be poured spendō out as a drink offering upon epi the ho sacrifice thusia and kai service leitourgia of ho your hymeis faith pistis, I am glad chairō and kai rejoice synchairō with all pas of you hymeis. 18 Likewise ho de · de you hymeis also kai should be glad chairō and kai rejoice synchairō with me egō.

19 I hope elpizō · de in en the Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous to send pempō Timothy Timotheos to you hymeis soon tacheōs, so that hina I too kagō may be encouraged eupsycheō by news ginōskō · ho about peri you hymeis. 20 For gar I have echō no one else oudeis of like mind isopsychos who hostis will be merimnaō genuinely gnēsiōs concerned merimnaō for peri your hymeis welfare ho. 21 For gar they ho all pas look out for zēteō their own heautou interests ho, not ou for those ho of Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos. 22 · ho But de you know ginōskō Timothy’ s autos proven character dokimē, how hoti as hōs a child teknon with his father patēr he served douleuō with syn me egō in the furtherance eis of the ho gospel euangelion. 23 Therefore oun I hope elpizō to send pempō him houtos just as soon exautēs as hōs I see aphoraō how things ho will turn out for peri me egō; 24 and de I trust peithō in en the Lord kyrios that hoti I erchomai myself autos also kai will be coming erchomai soon tacheōs. 25 In the meantime de I think hēgeomai it necessary anankaios to send pempō to pros you hymeis Epaphroditus Epaphroditos, · ho my egō brother adelphos, · kai fellow worker synergos, and kai fellow soldier systratiōtēs, as well as de your hymeis messenger apostolos and kai minister leitourgos to ho my egō need chreia, 26 because epeidē he has been eimi longing epipotheō for all pas of you hymeis and kai has been distressed adēmoneō because dioti you heard akouō that hoti he was ill astheneō. 27 Indeed kai gar he was ill astheneō; he almost paraplēsios died thanatos. But alla · ho God theos had mercy eleeō on him autos, and de not ou only monon on him autos but alla on me egō as well kai, so that hina I would echō not have echō sorrow lypē upon epi sorrow lypē. 28 Therefore oun I am all the more eager spoudaiōs to send pempō him autos, so that hina when you see him autos again palin you may rejoice chairō and I kagō may eimi no longer be eimi anxious alypos. 29 Therefore oun welcome prosdechomai him autos in en the Lord kyrios with meta great pas joy chara, and kai hold echō · ho such toioutos men in honor entimos, 30 because hoti he came close engizō to mechri death thanatos for dia the ho work ergon of Christ Christos, risking paraboleuomai his ho life psychē to hina make up anaplēroō for the ho help leitourgia · ho you hymeis were not able hysterēma to give pros me egō.

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