12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
    but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.(A)

13 Whoever scorns instruction will pay for it,(B)
    but whoever respects(C) a command is rewarded.(D)

14 The teaching of the wise is a fountain of life,(E)
    turning a person from the snares of death.(F)

15 Good judgment wins favor,
    but the way of the unfaithful leads to their destruction.[a]

16 All who are prudent act with[b] knowledge,
    but fools expose(G) their folly.(H)

17 A wicked messenger falls into trouble,(I)
    but a trustworthy envoy brings healing.(J)

18 Whoever disregards discipline comes to poverty and shame,(K)
    but whoever heeds correction is honored.(L)

19 A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul,(M)
    but fools detest turning from evil.

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  1. Proverbs 13:15 Septuagint and Syriac; the meaning of the Hebrew for this phrase is uncertain.
  2. Proverbs 13:16 Or prudent protect themselves through

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