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“Take the Levites away from the other ·Israelites [L sons/T children of Israel] and make them clean [C in a ritual sense]. This is what you should do to make them clean: Sprinkle the cleansing water on them, and have them shave their bodies and wash their clothes so they will be clean. They must take a young bull and the grain offering of flour mixed with oil that goes with it. Then take a second young bull for a ·sin [or purification] offering [Lev. 4:3].

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“Take the Levites from among all the Israelites and make them ceremonially clean.(A) To purify them, do this: Sprinkle the water of cleansing(B) on them; then have them shave their whole bodies(C) and wash their clothes.(D) And so they will purify themselves.(E) Have them take a young bull with its grain offering of the finest flour mixed with olive oil;(F) then you are to take a second young bull for a sin offering.[a](G)

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  1. Numbers 8:8 Or purification offering; also in verse 12