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1-2 The Lord gave these further instructions to Moses and Aaron: “Each tribe will have its own tent area, with its flagpole and tribal banner; and at the center of these tribal compounds will be the Tabernacle.” 3-31 Here are the tribal locations:[a]

JudahNahshon (son of Amminadab)East side of Tabernacle74,600
IssacharNethanel (son of Zuar)Next to Judah54,400
ZebulunEliab (son of Helon)Next to Issachar57,400

So the total of all those on Judah’s side of the camp was 186,400. These three tribes led the way whenever the Israelites traveled to a new campsite.

ReubenElizur (son of Shedeur)South side of Tabernacle46,500
SimeonShelumiel (son of Zurishaddai)Next to Reuben59,300
GadEliasaph (son of Reuel)Next to Simeon45,650

So the total of the Reuben side of the camp was 151,450. These three tribes were next in line whenever the Israelis traveled.

Next in the line of march was the Tabernacle, with the Levites. When traveling, each tribe stayed together under its own flag, just as each was separate from the others in camp.

EphraimElishama (son of Ammihud)West side of Tabernacle40,500
ManassehGamaliel (son of Pedahzur)Next to Ephraim32,200
BenjaminAbidan (son of Gideoni)Next to Manasseh35,400

So the total on the Ephraim side of the camp was 108,100, and they were next in the line of march.

DanAhiezer (son of Ammishaddai)North side of Tabernacle62,700
AsherPagiel (son of Ochran)Next to Dan41,500
NaphtaliAhira (son of Enan)Next to Asher53,400

So the total on Dan’s side of the camp was 157,600. They brought up the rear whenever Israel traveled. 32-33 In summary, the armies of Israel totaled 603,550 (not including the Levites, who were exempted by Jehovah’s commandment to Moses). 34 So the people of Israel set up their camps, each tribe under its own banner, in the locations indicated by the Lord to Moses.


  1. Numbers 2:3 Here are the tribal locations, implied. Reuel. Deuel in ch. 1.

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